Thursday, April 23, 2015

Literacry with an Attitude- Finn

Sorry This post is late! I have been slammed with so much work these past couple of weeks! time to do some catch up!

I would like to start off by saying that this piece is very powerful, there is so much in it that makes me think about other authors we have read this semester.

"The least we can do is face facts. Our schools liberate and empower children of the gentry and domesticate the children of the working class, and to a large extent the middle class as well. You may want to argue that that's all right, or at least it's all that's possible-fine. But let's stop denying it. The next least thing we can do is help teachers become better gatekeepers on the lookout for border crossers by enabling them to understand the subtle mechanisms that make border crossing so difficult." (pg 189)  

This one quote alone I feel sums up what the entire article, and connects to almost every other article we have read this semester, i would like to relate it to some key points I have talked about in my blogs.

Johnson- This article and quote can relate to Johnson because it is basically saying if teachers could speak up for those students who are do not have the resources and the ability to do better then they could become the gatekeepers that open the gates for those students to have more opportunities. society is set up in a way that those with more will always be able to acquire more and those with less will more than likely remain with less unless somebody is there to help them. If we were all just strong enough to speak up about it and "say the words" we could change lives.

Ullucci- This article relates to Ullucci because Ullucci talks about how children in poverty are not expected to do well in school and that when they fail often times their teachers are not surprised or affected. teachers put the blame on the students upbringing and home life rather than on them selves.
teachers need to open their eyes and realize that maybe these students do need a little extra help, but that does not mean they can not be successful in school. these teachers could be the gatekeepers without even realizing it and by giving these students the attention and help that they need could make all the difference in their students lives.

Delpit and Kozol- I have always felt that these two pieces went hand in hand with each other and I could go on for days about how they relate to this quote alone. Educators do not realize the power that they have over their students future. the rules and codes of power are designed to keep those in power on top and those who aren't in power on the bottom. if educators helped their students to learn the rules and codes of power their students would end up being more successful and be able to make a difference in their lives.

Mcintosh-  Teachers cant face the facts because they don't even think the facts are true, they are blind to what they are doing and the power that they have. - that is all

Rodriguez- His teachers closed the gateway completely for him, they made it so that in order for him to be successful he had to alienate himself from his culture and family. sure he became successful but look at everything he lost.

Christensen- Students are being stereotyped and categorized in ways that do no reflect who they are and what they can be. if all students were given equal opportunities and everybody opened their eyes to the hidden stereotypes in the school system, there would be more opportunities for all students. 

The Power of the Teacher

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  1. Arionna, I loved how you took one quote and used it to define this over-arching theme throughout all the texts we've gone through. I really agree with your Ulluci comment, and it ties in a lot with what I talked about in my Pecha Kucha! Teacher's need to take more responsibility than they do with their student's success.