Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Social Justice Event

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I almost forgot to post this!!

I went to the Vagina Monologues at RIC back in February and just never posted about it. I kind of wish I blogged about it right after I went because I feel like I would have had a lot more to say but I didn't :(

I dragged my sister and my best friend with me to see it and neither of them were very enthusiastic about it at first. after the show they were actually thanking me for making them come with me. the whole thing was so powerful and inspiring to women. The skit that touched me the most was "my vagina was my village" it was really deep and really sad. it is sad to see what happens to a women when she is raped and how it ruins their self esteem. men think they have all the power over women and many women believe this to be true also. I feel that all women, especially the ones who feel they are weak and inferior to men should watch the vagina monologues and I'm sure their minds will be changed. Women are just as powerful as men, it really makes me think about SCWAAMP and hot the M stands for "manness" the heroes in movies are always men giving American children the idea that men are more powerful than women, we grow up with this idea, it is carved into our brains at such young ages that it just becomes a natural thought. I never really gave much thought about it until going to see the vaginal monologues and after watching them I felt so powerful. I also feel men should go see them too so they can realize what these stereo types do to women.

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